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A meeting was held in Canberra during July 1970 where the Australian Modified Sprintcar Control Council (AMSCC) was formed.

The five foundation member clubs were the Modified Sprintcar Drivers Association of Victoria, the NSW Super Modified Association, the Queensland Super Modified Association, the Modified Sprintcar Association of Tasmania and the Canberra Modified Sprintcar Association.

The W.A. Modified Drivers Association, the Premier Speedway Club, Warrnambool, the Racing Drivers Association of South Australia and the National Super Modified Association at the July 1971 Annual General Meeting (AGM also known as the “conference”) in Melbourne joined the Council. With subsequent application for membership by the Northern Territory Modified Sprintcar Association in October 1971, the AMSCC came of age in just over 12 months by becoming a truly national body with a representative club in every State and Territory of the Commonwealth. This was possibly the first speedway body to do so.

The Council comprises two delegates elected by each member club who meet annually to revise the Racing Rules, Regulations and Specifications based on submissions by each member club. A truly democratic system. The early years of the Council were spent in establishing proper organisation and operating procedures in areas such as driver licensing including medical examinations, minimum requirements for driver and vehicle safety, vehicle registrations and sanctioning of the Australian Championship. After the success of the first two AMSCC sanctioned Championships in Sydney (1971) and Warrnambool (1972), the 1972 conference invited promoters throughout Australia to submit offers for the conduct of the next Championship.

At the June 1982 Conference the Council changed its name to the Sprintcar Control Council of Australia (SCCA) and in 1990 became an incorporated association in line with the then newly introduced association incorporation laws to protect fundamentally volunteer clubs. Highlights of that era would have been the introduction of compulsory arm restraints, minimum helmet and protective clothing standards, a track rating system for the conduct of the Australian Championship whereby tracks had to achieve standards for driver and spectator safety and the mandating of a road going ambulance being present for all sprintcar competition. These and other requirements set benchmarks for speedway racing in Australia that today are mostly taken for granted.
New challenges always emerge and the SCCA Inc. fostered the first Australian 360 Sprintcar Championship in 2004. The 360 Sprintcars are our entry-level class and have over many years been known as Sprintcars Limited Division, Aus Sprintcars and in 1996 became the 360 class. Engine specifications for this class were set in 2003 and in an effort to provide stability the rules are not due to be altered until 2012. In 2007 the Council formalised a management company to conduct the affairs of the SCCA Inc. trading as Sprintcars Australia Pty. Ltd. In 2008 the Council applied to the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) for the approval of a drug policy. The policy has been approved and will begin implementation in 2009 being the first Australian speedway division to adopt a drug policy in keeping with both national and international standards.
After more than 35 years of operation, the Council being the controlling body for the premier division of speedway in Australia continues to lead the sport.



(1) To encourage, control and foster the sport of sprintcar racing in the Commonwealth of Australia.
(2) To protect and guard the interests of sprintcar drivers and owners.
(3) To foster the recognition and esteem of the Council and individual member clubs.
(4) To submit to promoters and sponsors proposals and terms that would be of mutual benefit and in the best interests of the sport of sprintcar racing.
(5) To ensure that sprintcar racing is conducted in a uniform manner throughout Australia.
(6) To promote friendship and courtesy in competition between member clubs and any other club, local and interstate with the same objects and purposes.
(7) To provide a service for the improvement in technical knowledge of sprintcar drivers and owners.
(8) To make, alter and repeal by - laws or rules for or with respect to:
(a) The conduct of delegates to the Council.
(b) The registration of sprintcars owned by members of member clubs or by persons competing in any competition conducted by or under the auspices of the Council.
(c) The inspection of such sprintcars.
(d) The licensing of the drivers of any such sprintcars.
(e) The conduct of any competition conducted by or under the auspices of the Council or any member club.
(f) Bonds or covenants to be executed by the owners or drivers or any other persons connected with any sprintcars, which are registered or required to be registered with the Council.
(g) The hearing of any appeals from decisions made by Member Clubs.
(h) Fees to be paid to the Council for or in respect of any registrations, inspections, appeals or other services provided by the Council.
(i) Expenses of delegates in attending Council meetings.
(j) Racing rules and specifications.
(9) To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
(10) The Council shall be a non-profit organisation and shall not engage in any trading activities or any transaction for the purpose of securing pecuniary profit to the member clubs.
(11) The Council may engage a management company to conduct the affairs of the SCCA Inc. trading as Sprintcars Australia Pty. Ltd.





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